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Voice and Data

Firbanks IT can provide your entire communications needs from installing a phone line, a multi-featured switchboard, providing internet services, leased lines and broadband. In fact, we’re confident that we can save you money on your communications ranging from line rentals, phone call costs and even mobile costs. Many of our clients have reported big savings when comparing spend on comms before they migrated to a Firbanks phone system. We would be happy to provide testimonials on request. We have established good partnerships with our suppliers to ensure a robust and cost-effective service. Below is a list of some of the services that we offer. Please do contact us for more information.

Here is a list of some of the business telephone services that we can provide:telephony

  • PSTN phone lines (the familiar, normal phone line)
  • ISDN phone lines (digital lines usually offering channels to an in house switchboard)
  • LCR (cheap phone calls when keeping the line rental with a different supplier)
  • Non Geographic numbers (0800, 033, 0845 and more)
  • Hosted VoIP phone lines and SIP trunks (standard or enhanced switchboard features)
  • Broadband (ADSL, fttc fibre), Leased lines, GEA and other data related services.
  • Leased Lines – guaranteed bandwidth using fibre, GEA or EFM copper technologies
  • MPLS – virtual networks with on-net datacenter and virtual datacenters.

Whether you wish to install an additional standard, PSTN phone line or many lines – Firbanks can help provision and supply phone lines provided using the BT telephone network.

Lower cost phone calls? – Firbanks can become your billing provider. This allows you to keep your phone lines and line rental with your existing provider but allow Firbanks to handle your outbound phone calls. We have some excellent call rates available. We can apply least cost routing to anything from a single phone line to a multi line switchboard or multiple sites.

Internet connectivity – we can provide any form of internet connection from broadband, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), EFM leased lines, GEA and fibre leased lines and offer competitive pricing and a business grade service.

We can handle the whole process from placing the order to getting your business online and keeping it reliably online. Standard telephony – we can design a telephone system to meet your requirements using traditional phone lines.

IP Telephony (VoIP) – using the lower cost of Internet services we can provide you with multiple phone lines, numbers and some very advanced features by using the Internet as the method to provide the phone calls to your office. With reliability and speed of internet connections rising this is truely excellent value for money and with some very sophisticated features.