State of the art. High performance – Solid state SSD Windows and Linux web hosting services starting at £12.99 per month.

Hosting a variety of websites since 1998. Static sites, wordpress optimised, joomla and many more technologies. All running on our state of the art high performance solid state web servers.

  1. Simple control panels – to customise every aspect or your web hosting
  2. High Performance – all servers use SSD hard drives
  3. Large mailboxes – up to 10gb pop3/imap mailboxes sizes
  4. A support team to call on when you need us
  5. On demand SSL secure certificate installation activated within 30 minutes.

We handle the servers and infrastructure to give you a reliable base to build your site on. Our team work with a variety of graphic designers and web designers, handling the technical details. With Firbanks things “just work”.

Sites hosted on our systems benefit from high uptime, high availability, auto scaling and good performance. We monitor the performance and traffic to and from the sites and can advise on the capacity required to ensure that your site is always on and always available.

Contact us for a competitive quote and discussion on how we can keep your visitors online to get the most out of your site!