GSuite  is google’s answer to business collaboration and messaging. If you’re familar with the gmail family of products and prefer using services access through web pages then this could be the solution for you.

GSuite provides services based on your company domain name and consists of:

  1. Email with Gmail for Work
  2. File Storage and Sync with Google Drive for Work with packages up to unlimited storage
  3. Video Conferencing with Hangouts
  4. Calendar, docs and more!

GSuite is a cost effective Google alternative to other known products. We have found that customers that are familiar with the google products adopt and prefer these cloud services.

GSuite starts from £3.33 per month per user with a variety of add-ons ranging to unlimited storage for £6.66 monthly per user.

If you a looking to migrate from in-house services to the cloud then please contact us for impartial and unbiased advice to move to the cloud.