firbanks IT

Providing computer support and communications to companies in Hampshire for 20 years.

Pixel Perfection

Salient was built with a high attention to details both in design & code


Disaster Recovery

The threat of data loss during any disaster is worrying for any business. Companies often have their own procedures allocating staff members to rotate backups,

Computer Support

Firbanks computer support services ensures business systems run efficiently. Our staff carry years of experience supporting a variety of both cloud based and traditional on site systems. We can help you stay online.

Secure remote support

Did you know that 95% of user issues can be solved remotely? The average fault is logged within 3 minutes of being reported and often resolved within 15 minutes.


We take great pride in providing a reliable, functional, secure and performing system with a heavy focus on cloud based infrastructure. We like to see the system respond in the correct way, all of the time.


A team of experienced, friendly and down to Earth people. Providing cyber security assessments, advanced phone systems, mobile connectivity, office relocations and project management, migrating to the cloud or just plain old IT technical support.


20th June 2017

Heatwaves can kill servers

Whilst many are enjoying the weather, some overlook servers hidden in server rooms, under stair cupboards, and boxes. Servers emit heat and whilst a modern system has more tolerant operating…
19th May 2017

Wannacry Decryption Tool released

A week on, there is some good news in the world of computer security. A decryption tool named 'WannaKey" has been released by Guinet, however you do need certain criteria…
15th May 2017

Wannacry ransomware outbreak

It has been a busy weekend for many. An outbreak that started on Friday had spread so quickly across many large and well known organisations luckily came to a halt…
31st March 2017

Add a new lease of life to your workstations

I've heard it many times. Your staff are complaining because their computers are running slow. It was top of the range but given a few years it now performance at…