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We provide our clients with bespoke technical IT and communications services.

With access to a broad selection of options. We can provide a variety of choice and budget for phone systems, mobile voice and data, cloud and self hosted products and services. Also providing office phones systems designed for both desk based and home workers, mobile voice and data, email addresses and hosting. Essentially, all information required for your business card!

Please peruse our site and services and do get in contact to find out more!

Our Story

We offer businesses services that enable our customers to communicate and collaborate securely and effectively wherever they are.

Mark initially founded the company as a sole trader in 1998. The business grew by word of mouth and recommendations and became a limited company in 2003. During a period where IT rapidly evolved from a single corner desk ’email’ machine, leading on to freephone internet and then to the faster broadband speeds and technologies that we see keeping us connected today. Mark has a broad skill base and has been involved in early 2000 tech start ups (some big brands still well known today). Skillset includes security, network architecture, linux, windows, mac, and remote access, cellular technologies, wifi, conventional bare metal servers, private clouds and public ones. If you have an impossible question, it’s Mark that will find an answer and make it possible (unless it truly is impossible).

We provide one of the best office phone systems around. Try naming a feature that it doesn’t do! We offer a single point of contact and billing provider for IT and communications making troubleshooting simpler and faster.

Over the years we have built mature trading partnerships with our suppliers enabling us to supply data through both fixed and mobile routes. Harnessing the speed of superfast, ultrafast, fibre and 5G and cloud based solutions.

Even better (and one for financial directors) – where possible, the majority of our products only require a 30 day commitment thus bringing total flexibility and choice to you, the customer little risk or tie in. What are you waiting for? Get in touch!

Internet Services

We offer both fixed and mobile internet services essential for business communication. Firbanks directly supply to both provide and support our Internet services.

Office Phone Systems

Our fully featured Hosted Phone Systems offer a flexible phone service offering features such as ring groups, conference calling, hold music, voicemails and much more. Communication is essential in every day business. Technology plays a vital roll and helps keep costs lower whilst offering reliable voice services usually only previously available in traditional high-end and more expensive telephone systems.

Mobile Packages

Mobile communication is essential in every day business. Our flexible and short term mobile phone packages offer great value. Services supplied based on the O2 or Vodafone network

  • Our experienced, knowledgeable and down to Earth staff offer fast responses to the majority of support cases.
  • We have a proven track record of customer retention. Some clients have used us for over 20 years.
  • Our advise is based on fact and not technical phrases aimed to bamboozle.
  • A single point of contact for all of your technology and communications
  • Customer references are available on demand, and from recognised local businesses.
  • Voice and data solutions are built on robust, industry standard technology and practice using well known brands such as Broadsoft, BT, Vodafone and O2
  • All work is completed with a heavy focus on privacy and cyber security and conforming with current best security practices.
  • A single point of contact for all of your technology and communications

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