Every website and email service depends on DNS services.

If you have a presence on the Internet, whether a website, email services running on your company domain name then you use nameservers. Before data flows to any of these services, a visitor’s computer or server will query DNS nameservers to find where to look on the internet to load a web page or which servers to send emails to.

Without nameservers, your website wouldn’t load and emails would not flow. If the servers fail that hosts your site DNS, then it takes your whole company’s online presence down – regardless of mail and web services being fully available. Many customers use the default slow nameservers supplied when they register their websites.

Our nameservers run on the Google Cloud platform. They are fast and secure and we have 4 of them.

Access our fast, secure and reliable Cloud DNS nameservers for just £5.50 per month.

You have full control and access to a fully configurable control panel so that either you can make changes, or we can on your behalf.

A simple addition to our computer support services and a very affordable contribution to keeping your business online, all of the time. Give us a call. Our offices are located in Southampton, Hampshire a short journey from J9 of the M27.