Wannacry ransomware outbreak

By 15th May 2017Uncategorised

It has been a busy weekend for many. An outbreak that started on Friday had spread so quickly across many large and well known organisations luckily came to a halt when a security blogger accidentally halted the spread of this worm by registering a domain name.

On Friday evening our team were manually checking as many servers and clients as possible to ensure that the latest security updates were in place so that Wannacry didn’t stand a chance ¬†and we’re pleased to say that we have (to date) had no security surprises. Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important subject for all businesses that use computers and IT equipment for any task. Ensure that you have good computer support and security in place.

How can you stop and detect outbreaks like this? We are very fond of Bitdefender endpoint protection. It has some very sophisticated scanning technology that stops this worm in its tracks with or without the windows security patches installed. Take a peek here at a demonstation https://www.bitdefender.com/media/html/business/wannacry/?icid=footer_ransomware_attack

Given the seriousness of the outbreak and the destruction to data that it can cause, we would always advise having a current and off-site (and offline) backup of your data combined with a good security product, such as Bitdefender. We can provide and rollout this product very swiftly. Whats more, this product is fully comprehensive supporting all Macs, Windows PCs and even Linux products.

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