Is your server past it?

By 27th March 2017Uncategorised

Have you recently heard staff muttering “this is slow” or “it’s crashed again?”

We are still regularly coming across old servers such as Windows Server 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Why should you update to something newer? Microsoft stopped releasing Windows security updates for these systems a long time ago. Your response may be “why does it matter? We stopped using our server externally, we’re not at risk”


You are at risk! This does not counter for internal computers. What if an internal computer is affected, or you provide wifi access (we don’t recommend this anyway unless you have a completely seperate network for this) to your customers and they have a malware infected computer, or just a rogue website has downloaded and executed a payload on your machine. These can search the network for vulnerable machines (such as your old and very unpatched server) and then gain access to the server and data that it contains.

Don’t fall victim to this – upgrade your server, or if you can, move your data to a cloud solution such as Office365 Sharepoint online.

Even better, ask us for advice on the best upgrade path. Speed things up, modernise, get a better backup system inplace and get in those security updates!