Emails emails, emails!

By 23rd March 2017Uncategorised

It has been a busy day at Firbanks HQ today. Our engineer, Mark has been moving emails between servers for most of the day. Migrating¬†emails from Google’s gsuite to Office365 and emails from an old and flaky (not ours) mail server to a new reliable ones. Customer feedback – “why it’s just magic my emails just appeared I was worried that this would be a nightmare but you make it look so easy!”

They don’t call Mark the migration man for nothing! If you are stuck in a rut or have your emails sitting in a place that you wish they were not then give us a bell. We have the right staff, the right toolset and enough patience to piece a mismatched jigsaw. Tell us what you need, make a cup of tea and see the results. Contact us!