We offer a simple, reliable and effective way to ensure that the emails that you send remain confidential and for the eyes of only that of the intended recipient. Tieing in nicely with our simple, 30 day product offering. Cirius integrates with Outlook, Office365, Gsuite and other technologies.

Sometimes you will need to send large file transfers over email. But if it’s sensitive corporate and financial information, how can you ensure the recipient receives the email without internal or external tampering? With Cirius Secure Messaging, your customers can send emails through an ironclad secure encryption network without worry. Used by over 10,000 organisations and 5 million+ users worldwide, Cirius gives your customers total control.

Seamless Email Encryption

Secure any message right inside Office 365, Outlook or G-Suite.

Advanced Message Control

Choose what can happen to your messages today and in the future.

Time Expiration

Add urgency to your requests or even limit how long sensitive information is made available for viewing.

Securely Request E-Signatures and Approvals

Request legally binding signatures for contracts (including sign on the line) or any “Click to Approve” process. Documents are secure, authenticated and non-repudiable.

Extra Sensitive Communication

Password protect individual messages and their attachments as well as restrict viewing to specific recipients.

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