Secure your information with Data Encryption

Encryption makes your data unreadable to anyone that doesn’t have the access key. It’s ideal for computer and laptop data and also for portable data on. Data Encryption is a good method to ensure that your data is only able to be read by you or people that you decide should have access

We provide simple, but effective ways to keep your information secure to include:

  • Encrypting usernames and passwords used to log in to your services
  • Controlling the encryption of data stored on computers
  • Encrypting portable media
  • Encryption and signing of emails and secure documents and attachments
  • Training and understanding of PGP, encryption and file signing for emails and files.
  • Specialist encryption specific hardware USB keys (USB with keypad).
  • Specialist encrypted external and portable hard drives

Make sure that your data is protected at all times, contact us for further guidance.