Did you know that 95% of user issues can be solved remotely? The average fault is logged within 3 minutes of being reported and often resolved within 15 minutes. Within minutes, a member of the Firbanks support team can gain access (with your permission of course) to your computer to resolve an issue. Our systems work with both PC and Mac users.

At Firbanks IT we’re conscious of our customer’s security and with this in mind we made sure that we use the best remote access solution in the business. Our support software is fully auditable and all communications are secured with encryption. When you visit our remote support site, you’ll notice a padlock on the upper left-hand side of the browser to certify that the site is encrypted.

We have made it very quick and easy to access our remote support services. Simply click here and then type in a session code given by the representative. Run the download and then watch us control your computer and resolve the problem.

An audit of all remote support sessions and associated chat transcripts are kept and archived should there be any discrepancy further down the line. Access to our remote support system is strictly controlled. Our remote system is also our in-house solution, running on our own server infrastructure maintained and updated regularly. We control access to the system and administration is only possible from an authorised Firbanks IP address. We take system security very seriously.