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As an IT and communications service provider, we take great pride in providing a reliable, functional, secure and performing system with a heavy focus on cloud based infrastructure. We like to see the system respond in the correct way, all of the time. However, things can go wrong at times. Phone lines can fail, servers, switchboards, broadband and other devices can, on occasion not behave in the way that we expect. As adoption of cloud services increase, the reliance on traditional infrastructure has also dropped at a rapid pace.

Occasionally our clients will ask ‘what are your response times’ and ‘what happens if my server does fail?’.

Many of our clients choose to use our support services on an ad-hoc basis and as a result, we only carry out chargeable work when a system requires attention. Due to the reliability of modern IT infrastructure, this results in less remuneration for a more reliable system and less site visits over the period of a year except in such cases as system upgrades and improvement works. Because of this, we utilise a work priority system to ensure system critical tasks are looked at first before upgrades and other scheduled works.

So what are our response times?

We always aim to respond to critical issues within minutes and attempt to resolve within the hour by means of remote support. Occasionally, we may need to visit a site and this can take a little longer. Whilst this level of service is not guaranteed, it is a target that we frequently meet and aim to offer to all clients. We have found it rare that any client has ever had a cause for concern with our response times.

How do I report a fault or support issue?

To assist us, the most efficient method is to always email support@firbanks.com with as much information as you can. If your email is down, then you can report it by calling 01489 858109. At peak times or in times of holiday cover, we use a messaging service that convert your call to an email to the support mailbox. This gives the best visibility to all staff and allows us to start working towards a solution. However, you only need to report the issue once and to these central places. On occasion a small handful of customers will report the fault to the office, directly to engineers mobiles by call, text message and other means in a very short period of time (within seconds of each other). This is not necessary and only takes further time to process a response to find a resolution. It can at times, distract an engineer from a current troubleshooting tasks, which in the end makes a response take longer and that doesn’t help either party.

We are in a fortunate position to manage many of our clients services and as a result, we can see if the internet is working, when it broke, carry out line checks and so on. After you have reported a fault we will often investigate and build a current picture of what is happening. This allows us to populate and understand (and often resolve) the issue swiftly without the need to liase with third parties.

In summary. To contact the support team and report any works please:

  1. Email support@firbanks.com if you can, otherwise
  2. Call 01489 858109 and report the fault once.
  3. Let us respond and provide the good service intended and resolve the issue.