Internet Access is essential for business communication. Firbanks directly supply and provide and support our Internet services. Firbanks IT are able to offer the following internet services

  • Broadband – internet access using tried and tested DSL technologies providing speeds up to 18mb
  • Superfast Broadband – Making use of modern street cabinets. Provides speeds up to 68mb down. Ideal for busy office environments
  • EFM Leased Line – Ethernet first mile – leased line for guaranteed speeds using copper cablestelephony
  • Fibre leased line – leased lines at symetrical speeds of up to 1gb
  • Mobile Data – 4G and 3G data using O2 and Vodafone networks ideal for mobile workers that require mobile access on the move.

By allowing Firbanks to provide your data services allows more efficient support, a single supplier for billing, no blame passing during troubleshooting. Please note that services are subject to availability. Mobile services are dependent on signal coverage and land based services are only available at telephone exchanges enabled for the specific services.